Reservations Policy

The PRC Peak Weeks for the Use Year 1 March 2019 to end February 2020, are as follows:

Cycle 1
15th March – 29th March 2019
14th June – 5th July 2019

Cycle 2
29th September – 4th October 2019
6th December – 3rd January 2020

  • The PRC Cycles define the period in which you may book a single peak week (running Friday – Friday) as well as book outside of the peak periods during the Priority Booking period for Shareholders.

Cycle 1: 1 March – 31 August
Cycle 2: 1 September – 28 February

  • Priority Booking period for Shareholders has been shortened to just the month of October from 2017 onwards.
  • Shareholders can only book 1 peak week (Friday – Friday) in their allocated Cycle during the Priority Booking period and any other weeks they like (subject to availability) in their allocated cycle outside of PRC Peak Weeks.
  • From 1st to 30th November, shareholders can book any other available time in the year, subject to availability, and not limited to Friday to Friday.
  • The Pezula Hotel and Registry Exchange Reservations booking period opens: 1 December. Shareholders can still book available time after 1 December, but are encouraged to make the most of the Priority Booking period and the follow up month of November to make the most of their 21 Nights. Shareholder booking a Peak Week during the Christmas peak period cannot make a reservation for the Christmas Peak period for the follow year (in other words can’t book over the Christmas peak period two years in a row). This is to give all shareholders the best opportunity of enjoying the PRC over this high demand period.
  • The Peak Periods for the upcoming Use Year, will be defined and communicated to all shareholders in the September preceding the Use Year prior to the opening of the priority booking period on 1 October and will typically follow the SA Government School Holidays.
  • Shareholder/s and his/her immediate family must be in residence during a peak period booking. If the Shareholder/s will not be present, the Hotel must receive a written communication from the member confirming which immediate family member will be at the PRC.
  • Cancellations remain at 21 days (all year). If less than 21 days, or no show, nights are forfeited. Liaison manager to be notified of all cancellations and the shareholder body to be notified of last minute cancellations.
  • Cancellation Notice period exceptions: Exceptions to be addressed to the board in writing. Only severe health-related/death exceptions will be considered.
  • Maximum occupancy of a PRC suite: 4 adults and 2 children under 12 years. Or otherwise as approved by the Board in writing at the time of the reservation, and under exceptional circumstances. The Rules for number of person occupying a Residence may only be considered by the Board if a member is in residence, and will never we considered for hotel or Registry guests.
  • Strictly no pets allowed at the PRC.


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