Message from the Board

The information on this website is designed to provide you with all you need to know about the Pezula Private Residence Club and the concept of high end Fractional Ownership in luxury lifestyle private residences.

The Pezula Private Residence Club property is set close to and has access to the facilities of the Pezula Resort Hotel, the Pezula Spa, the award-winning Pezula Championship Golf Course and the award-winning Pezula Private Estate.

The Club is modeled on a proven global concept, finessed to provide a Pezula PRC shareholder with use of five luxury residences situated at the exclusive Pezula Resort. It takes ownership of a holiday or second home to an entirely new level of luxury.

This concept is not about money, it is about choice. The people who will find the Pezula Private Residence Club attractive have more than enough money to own second holiday homes, but they don’t necessarily have the time to utilize and enjoy them fully. A share in the Pezula PRC offers all the upside of ownership with a world-class holiday experience, wrapped into a Private Club for the truly discerning. This for a fraction of the cost of owning a residence outright.

Yours Sincerely,

The Directors
The Pezula Private Residence Club Shareblock Company Limited

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